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Reviews for A Case of Innocence

and The Syncopated Heart

"A follow-in-the-golden-age-footsteps-of-Spade-and-Marlow first novel, with nice, sardonic touches- a strong start.”

Kirkus Reviews

"An amusing entry in the tough-private-eye genre. Case develops as a likable shamus with integrity, a self-deprecating manner and appealing froggy-green eyes.”

Publisher's Weekly

Douglas J. Keeling, Author Reviews 2020

"The new guy on the block is Douglas J. Keeling, who's written a first-rate novel. His book is fast-paced, suspenseful, funny, sometimes sad, always enjoyable."

The Wichita Eagle

"The Syncopated Heart... is a well-paced mystery with accessible characters, interesting settings, and a riveting plot."


Reader Views, 2020

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