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About  Doug


"Even non-Kansans living in lesser-blessed states such as California or New York will be impressed by Keeling's debut effort." - Wichita Eagle

Douglas J. Keeling is an attorney who lives and practices law in Wichita, Kansas. He has a degree in Journalism from Kansas State University, and a Juris Doctorate from Washburn University School of Law. A large part of his thirty-plus-year legal career has been concentrated in the area of adoption, foster care and related children’s legal issues. He is the author of A Case of Innocence, a Detective Novel (1989, Birch Lane Press), Family Business (2002, Writer's Club Press) and The Syncopated Heart (2020, Outskirts Press). He is an ardent traveler.

"It was Mother’s Day in the Brave New World. I was seated in the living room of a comfortable middle-class home in a conservative midwestern city with a little boy named Liam and his four mothers. Once again: four mothers. All four women gazed lovingly at young Liam, and then happily, almost conspiratorially, at each other. Liam slept in blissful oblivion. He didn’t know he had four mothers. He was only two days old." - Family Business

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