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Douglas J. Keeling

Author of A Case of Innocence, Family Business and The Syncopated Heart

Hard-boiled mystery, legal thriller, international suspense

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"Life is like a train, it keeps moving. Occasional stops, some scheduled, some not, but mostly moving forward. The trick is to enjoy the ride, not miss too much of the scenery, and not fall or get thrown off the train. That last part can be a bitch. Mostly, you simply keep moving forward. Clickity-clack." - The Syncopated Heart

"A follow-in-the-golden-age-footsteps-of-Spade-and-Marlow first novel, with nice, sardonic touches- a strong start.”

"The Syncopated Heart... is a well-paced mystery with accessible characters, interesting settings, and a riveting plot."

       Reader Views, 2020

Kirkus Reviews


"An amusing entry in the tough-private-eye genre. Case develops as a likable shamus with integrity, a self-deprecating manner and appealing froggy-green eyes."

Publisher's Weekly

"The new guy on the block is Douglas J. Keeling, who's written a first-rate novel. His book is fast-paced, suspenseful, funny, sometimes sad, always enjoyable."

The Wichita Eagle

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(316) 265-2210

200 E. First St., Suite 202, Wichita, KS 67202

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