A Case of Innocence

"It was one of those afternoons when nothing you do seems right, one on which the air seems to hold a humid oppression that drapes itself over every action, thought, idea. People buy worthless stocks on days like this, lose badly at golf, commit suicide. I stared out the big windows of my office, chair swiveled around to face away from my desk, my feet propped up on the sill."

So begins A Case of Innocence, featuring James P. Casey, attorney-at-law, officer of the court, and licensed private investigator.

One quiet November afternoon in Wichita, Kansas, Casey is bogged down in routine procedures when Linda Matasseren walks into his office- and his life. Matasseren's six-year-old daughter Sara has been kidnapped by men in search of a large stash of drugs. Linda is connected to the kidnappers through her ex-husband, a small-time but ambitious drug dealer. She can't go to the cops, she doesn't know where the drugs are, and her ex-husband isn't talking.

A Case of Innocence

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